What Apple is not about

Learn to be what you are and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not. I think that this statement is the main idea that defines Apple reason why and on the next few lines, we are going to see why.

Like any other company in the sector, it all started with two friends in a garage with one dream to come true. The real trigger of the differentiation of this brand came with the launching of its third computer, the Macintosh which not only was the first popular computer with graphic user interface (GUI), but also burst onto the Super Bowl with an advert that broke with the general trend of the computer giant. The commercial shows a colorful athlete, which represents the personification of Apple, breaking a meeting of the alienating giant that dominates the crowd. Therefore, Apple is shown as the one who will be against the tyranny of non creative either innovative companies. Moreover, as Steve Jobs said, innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower, so the brand established a new nature of computing that became the standard in the industry. This milestone was the start of Apple as the brand that “thinks different” refusing to be identified as a mass follower and raised to the exclusive level of just some privileged that understood computing as the company does. So not, Apple is not about the crowds, is about a selective audience. Related to this last idea, we arrive to the second point that I want to talk about: the consumers.

Is well known that a brand value comes from its followers and this assertion is more precious for Apple than for any other company in the world. The most important part of its consumers are the early adopters, who are willing to defend the company and its items to the extreme. In some way they become lawyers, supporters, defenders of the brand against every negative opinion from Apple coming to them. They are also great prescribers of every new product that the company launches to the market and they are ready to pay more for being the firsts on having a new Apple product after hours and hours waiting in a queue. Furthermore, they feel proud of being part of the brand and being considered experts in every single detail about it. In some way, Apple can be seen as a geek religion with a great mentor, Steve Jobs, who leads all the public events of the brand and is considered as the speaker of the whole company issues. The problem is that he unfortunately passed away just a few months ago. We do not know how this fact can impact on the brand operation, it is too early to see it, but what it is sure is that it supposes a serious hit to the brand. However, which is the treatment that the consumers receive from Apple? Although the brand has the most devoted group of consumers, it seems that they don’t receive anything in return of it. The brand is a quite impersonal and unidirectional communicator, basing its strategies as they think they are creating the path for the future devices. That means, like any other company would dare to, ignore the most of the consumer traits and just follow being the same narrow minded brand. Therefore, Apple is not about having direct engagement with consumers, it is about creating a huge ego which can be followed by the public. So here there is part of my end argument, this brand doesn’t seem to play with reason, and of course, this is not appealing to all kind of publics.

Last but not least, after mentioning the subjective side of the brand, we also need to look at the real experts’ opinion. I have to mention that Apple products are not too popular among engineers. Even though they value the modern design, the security of its system and the wide range of audiovisual programs, they tend to focus on the overestimated features. Some of the most criticized points are the price, the closed OS or the payment contents (which are free in other systems). Definitely, Apple is not about logic, but it is about perception.

In conclusion, Apple is not about the expected. The equity of this brand remains on its own personality. Yes, Apple thinks different, and that is reflected in its personality, its public behavior and its products. They may not be the best in the market, but that’s not what Apple consumers care about. This brand is powerful for its special differences and for being perceived in this way because, what is marketing about but a war of perceptions?


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